Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Vic Thrill + The Saturn Missile, Boogaloo, Brooklyn '06

To me, this shot really captured the energy of VTSM live. This was taken during their 2nd Boogaloo residency promoting their new album Circus of Enlightenment.(this shot appears in the album's booklet) We really got into the set dressing and tried to create a mini circus tent inside of Boogaloo. A video for Hi on Wade was also shot on this same night. Those Boogaloo shows were really amazing. I miss them.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Hole, Madison Square Garden, NYC '94

Courtney Love was on the cover of Rolling Stone the week of this show. I had a copy of the issue in my camera bag. I saw her backstage skipping around aimlessly with no shoes on and ripped nylons, toes coming through and all. Ughh. She looked pretty fucked up. As she passed me, I decided to pull out the magazine and ask her to sign the cover. I thought it was going to be a disaster. Not saying a single word, she stopped, signed it and and skipped off.

Linkin Park, Giants Stadium, NJ '03

My friend Mike Arfin is their booking agent and i had just hung with mike and met the band about 20 minutes before their set. Really nice guys. A lot of energy on stage, I enjoyed them.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Madonna, Madison Square Garden, NYC '93

I was planted in the 4th row to shoot Madonna for her Girlie Show Tour by this ticket broker guy. He thought it would be nice to give his clients some prints from the show. Good idea, especially for me. He had me shoot The Rolling Stones shortly after this. Posting them soon.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mad Larry, Bowery Ballroom, NYC '06

Mark Nilsen, Billy Ryan and Chris Fisher playing a benefit show at Bowery.

Peter Murphy, Roseland, NYC '90

Great Show. The sound was incredible. Peter Murphy was touring for his album "Deep"

The Happy Mondays, Malibu, Long Island '90

This is Bez from the Mondays, probably on a whole bunch of Hallucinogenics. The Happy Mondays were so great live. This was pretty much when they were in their prime. I went to the Garden the following night to see them open for Jane's Addiction. Didn't shoot, but wound up discovering Jane's. Amazing.

The Cure, QE2, NYC, '92

Not a concert shot, but a shot of Robert Smith just getting off the QE2 (cruise ship) travelling to the states to promote the "Wish" album

Weezer, Mulcahy's,Long Island '97

Matt Sharp, before he left Weezer to start The Rentals.

The Police, Nassau Coliseum, Long Island '82

This was The Police's final show of the Ghost in the Machine Tour. I was 15 years old.

Run Dmc, SPIT in Levittown, Long Island '93

Towards the end of their run, but I was still very excited to shoot Run Dmc in my own hometown.

Van Halen, Madison Square Garden, NYC '84

I shot the brand new 1000 asa speed film at this show (Ektar 1000), the following morning, I brought the rolls to 60 minute photo. I came back in 60 mins, they weren't ready, another hour...not ready, and so on. I waited in the store to get my hands on them, and realized that the photo clerks were making tons of copies for them and their friends. This show got me hooked forever shooting concerts.

Motley Crue, Grand Rapids, Michigan, '07

I was assigned to shoot all the pix for the Live Motley Crue DVD of this particular show. It was interesting to say the least catching a glimpse of the rabid Crue fans of Grand Rapids.

The Bogmen, Mulcahys, Long Island '97

Mark Wike from the Bogmen. This is the night I shot my first music video for their song "Highway of Shame"

Zwan, Nassau Coliseum, Long Island '03

Billy Corgan's short lived band Zwan live at Krocks Clausfest "03

Velvet Revolver, Continental Airlines Arena, NJ '04

Shot @ Krocks Clausfest in '04
This was the closest I have ever come to shooting Guns and Roses.